Tristan Laurens Bernard, Franco-Italian born in Pakistan, was raised throughout Asia and has spent most of his time travelling the world. Having lived in over 10 countries and experienced dozens more, he is the consummate globetrotter. His first steps into photography came at an early age, through his father, an amateur photographer & darkroom developer.

Tristan started his career as a hotelier, after having graduated from the Lausanne Hotel Management School (EHL) in Switzerland. He went-on to co-found Hotel IQ International (www.hoteliq.com), a global Hotel Consumer Auditing company which consults on and assesses operational standards for luxury chain and boutique properties around the world.

Although still on the Board of Directors, as well as being an active partner and consultant to The Company, Tristan returned to his earlier passion of photography and is currently based out of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Tristan’s commercial work is mainly focused towards Hotels & Resorts, as well as Jewellery, Product and Fashion photography. His fine art exhibition photography has a penchant for slow speed seascapes & landscapes in general, as well as raw portraiture.

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